Welcome to the official (cost effective) Tomek Jankowski website!

Welcome to the official Tomek Jankowski website, filled with useless drivel and poor quality photos. Think of this website as yet more non-biodegradable refuse clogging up the internet. Worse, it contains no porn. Still, this may help kill a half hour or so of your time while you're at work, and that's always a plus. And besides, it's always fun to watch someone else's middle age crisis play out in some embarrassingly public manner. I can't afford a cherry-red sport car, and the lack of a vast corporate expense account -- coupled with my severely-receding thatch on top and middle-aged pudge swelling around the middle -- all pretty much preclude me from attracting a gaggle of scantily-clad hot twenty-somethings, so with my pipe dreams cruelly dashed, I instead have  to vent through writing a book, and this website. My loss, your gain. At the end of the day, this website is to introduce you to Tomek - historian-aspirant, author, philosopher, analyst, husband, crazed driver, pasta-savant.

But enough about me; let's talk about the book.

Buy it here! A link to purchase a book that will change your life! Or at least it'll help hold up that uneven corner on your couch.

For details, check out the "The Books" and the "The Reviews" pages! Or just ask your friends. Your cool friends. They've probably all already bought, read and blogged about the book, and bought the t-shirt and matching mug to boot. You really need to get on the ball.